5 common electrical projects that need a professional electrician

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November 10, 2021

Electricians are an asset to any organization, especially any technical firm. However, being an electrician can be dangerous and safety precautions must be followed. 

Talking about safety if you are not an electrician, you should never do electrical work and projects on your own. This is because a lack of knowledge and training about how to deal with electrical equipment can be harmful to yourself and others.  

Today, we will discuss the 5 electrical projects that a trained and licensed electrician should take care of. 

5 common electrical projects that require an electrician:

1. Replacing or installing new lighting fixtures

Replacing a bulb is simple and can be completed by the homeowner. When it comes to replacing or installing new fixtures is not as easy as replacing a bulb.

For example, most new lighting fixtures are now not supported by old electrical systems, which we understand is frustrating. To install a new lighting fixture, you might want to get your electrical panel or board upgraded, which is not something that should be completed on your own.

The electrical panel and board consist of many wires, which can be confusing and frustrating without the proper knowledge and training. However, an electrician is familiar with all the wirings and has the hands-on experience to safely and efficiently complete the job.

2. Replacing electrical panels 

Over time, electrical panels can deteriorate, and if not replaced promptly, can cause an electrical fire in your home or commercial building. Electrical panels have circuit breakers and fuses, which protect your equipment, home, and family.

Changing fuse and breakers is not a simple task, and even the slightest mistake can result in a power breakdown. This is the reason that these types of projects be completed by a professional electrician.

Replacing old or burned wires is necessary as it allows the proper flow of current. However, as specified earlier, there are many wires in an electrical panel and an overall electrical system that can be complicated and dangerous.

Something such as touching the wrong wire can be life-threatening and cause you to have an electric shock. Therefore, to avoid dangerous mistakes, it is extremely important to hire a professional electrician.

3. Replace switches and outlets

Replacing burnt switches and outlets can seem easy, but this is not always true. To resolve faulty electrical wiring, you must hire an electrician to handle this issue.

4. Dedicated circuits

Dedicated circuits prevent equipment from overheating and without a professional electrician, it is dangerous. Having a trained and licensed electrician complete this for you protects both your home, business, and even yourself.


The above-specified are the 5 common electrical projects that need a professional electrician. To get the best electrical services, make sure to contact Swartz Electric at 719-457-2218 for electrical help.