5 ways an electrician can help keep your commercial building safe from electrical hazards

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November 24, 2021

In today’s era, everything runs on electricity. However, electricity, if not used and maintained properly, can become life-threatening. The primary cause of fire in a workplace or a commercial building is a faulty electrical system or not using electrical equipment in the correct way. 


Electrical fires are dangerous and harm both property and human lives. An electrician can help your commercial building be safe from electrical hazards. Check out how.


5 ways electrician can help keep your commercial building safe from electrical hazards

Below are ways electricians can help keep your commercial building safe from electrical hazards. 


1. Conduct an electrical inspection 

An electrician would inspect all your electrical systems, including electrical outlets, power meters, and more to verify all things are working as they should be. If not, your electrician would tell you, and with your consent, would fix all the issues such as damaged or burned wiring.


An electrical inspection conducted by an electrician would make sure that all electrical issues are fixed before they cause serious damage to your commercial building. An electrician would also replace blown fuses or install fuses with the breakers that require them. By having this done would also protect the equipment in your commercial building.


2. Electrical insulation 

Upon conducting an electrical inspection, an electrician would check all the wires, cords, and the main circuit to check whether the wires are all safe, installed correctly, and are functioning correctly. The electrician would provide sufficient insulation, which would prevent electric shocks.


3. Proper grounding 

Grounding is necessary and without it, your electrical equipment can become damaged or even lead to electrical shock. However, hiring an electrician eliminates all these risks. When an electrician checks your commercial building’s electrical system and replaces the needed grounding, this protects lives and prevents electrical hazards.


4. Place electrical conductors in the right location 

Most of the time workplaces fires and electrical shocks occur due to people touching the exposed conductors. However, hiring an electrician makes you avoid all such life-threatening scenarios. An electrician makes sure that there are no exposed conductors or electrical equipment near water sources when inspecting your commercial buildings.


5. Makes you aware of the electrical safety and signs

An electrician makes sure that you and other people in a commercial building are made aware of electrical safety and what warning should be watched for, which can indicate a faulty electrical system. Knowing the signs would help you know when it is time an electrician should be called, which will prevent major electrical hazards.



The above-specified is a short guide about how an electrician can help keep your commercial building safe. If you want to hire an expert electrician to get the electrical systems of your commercial building inspected or get to know more about electrical safety risks, make sure to contact Swartz Electric at 719-457-2218 for electrical help.