Air Conditioning Unit Installation Tips

Air Conditioning Unit Installation Tips

Tips To An Effective Air Conditioning Install

By Dave Donahue

Standard Window Air Conditioner Unit
Standard Window Air Conditioner Unit

It’s that time of year when you need to make sure your A.C. is ready to operate effectively through the summer months. Air Conditioners generally are installed as central air units or as a window unit. In this blog I’ll talk about proper installation of window air conditioner units. These types of units are generally much cheaper than your standard central air unit. A window unit can be picked up at just about any major home improvement chain like Home Depot or Lowes. The cheapest I found at Home Depot is around $120.00 which although cheap is only the first step in getting your unit installed properly. This blog will explain how to install and maintain your window air conditioner unit.

Swartz Angies List Award
Swartz Angies List Award

1) The first tip to a proper installation for a window ac is to install the unit where there is proper ventilation. A living room window may be an optimal place to install a standard window unit. It should also be installed around three to for feet from the floor. A unit installation should be installed with no obstructions so as the air inlet and outlet can operate at their most effective levels.

2) Your air conditioner unit should also be seated properly in the window! This helps avoid vibration which occurs from weight and operation. Regardless of how “tight” you install the unit, there may be vibration. For an easy, effective installation your best bet may be to contact your local Southern Colorado electricians. Swartz Electric is the leading electrical company in Southern Colorado and can get your installation completed correctly the first time.

3) Install your unit away from direct sunlight and the elements like rain and hail. This is a problem many homeowners face when installing a window air conditioning unit. A window unit will naturally jut out from the window it is installed in. Therefore installing your unit that has an overhang to protect it from the elements will ensure your unit operates for years versus a few months.

4) Install the correct AC unit for your home! This is very important! An improperly installed ac unit will bring you more grief than relief! Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when installing your new ac unit. An improperly supported unit may bring more headaches than it’s worth. Contact your local Southern Colorado electricians for installation tips and advice on what size unit to buy!

5) Connect your new air conditioner to the correct power source! This is again very important! Keep in mind that if you have more space to cool, you may want to consider buying more than one unit. A standard ac unit which cools at 15,000 BTU’ s or less typically runs on a 120V circuit. Anything more than 15,000 BTU’s must be connected to a 220V circuit. Homeowners with good intentions may unknowingly install the improper unit which may cost more money than it is actually worth! Always check with your local Southern Colorado electrician to ensure a safe cost effective install. Swartz Electric is the leading Southern Colorado electrical company trained in proper ac installation. Contact Swartz Electric for all of your electrical installation questions!

These five tips are designed to help you, the homeowner make sound decisions when it’s time to get your home cooled. Summer months in Southern Colorado can be hot. Southern Colorado electricians can help you with your ac installation needs as well as get all of your electrical questions answered. Swartz Electric has qualified electrical workers who can help you get your home cooled cheaply and effectively. To contact Swartz Electric see below and one of their trained electrical service workers will get you on the road to cooler summer months ahead! For an in depth article on window air conditioners see here!

Lastly, as always when doing your own DIY projects safety comes first! Way too many accidents occur when simple rules are not followed correctly when it comes to electricity. If you are in question as to whether or not you are working safely on your own projects, feel free to contact Swartz Electric for tips and help on installation.

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