Why Choose a Local Electrician?

November 11, 2015

Why Choose A Local Electrician?

What Difference Does A Local Contractor Make?

Shop small.  Celebrate local businesses.  Shop, eat, and play where you live.  Support small business.  Shop handmade, shop local, shop independent.  Buy local.  Shop local, eat local, spend local, enjoy local.  Keep calm and shop local.

The documentation, blog posts, and even news articles about why we as consumers should support local businesses is endless.  Most of us recognize the essential points:

  1. Local businesses have roots in your community.
  2. Local businesses boost and support your local economy.
  3. Local businesses create jobs for your family, friends, and neighbors.

This works well for local shops and artists – but why should consumers also use local, small businesses for service-oriented work?  Aren’t national chains more reliable and consistent then some random company here in town?

The truth of the matter is, using a local electrician – or any other service-based company – is one of the best choices you can make.  Not only does it help you get the best possible service, from neighbors who are part of your community, but it will save you money, and your money gets poured back into our local economy.  It sounds simple enough, but why does it work so well?  Let’s take a look:

  1. A local company’s reputation is everything.  Your opinion, whether good or bad, can deeply impact a local company’s success.  Word of mouth is still the single most reliable and powerful type of marketing today – a local company’s reputation will mean everything.  This means that your satisfaction is the bottom line.  As people who you see at church, school events, or even in the grocery store, our sole desire is to serve you with superior service so that we can look you in the eye every time we shake your hand.
  2. You can count on a better warranty service.  Thanks to being right here in town, Swartz Electric has no problem standing behind our 2 year materials warranty, or our lifetime workmanship guarantee.  We respond with speed and accuracy – and we try to make sure that your service electrician is the same one who performed the job.  This kind of site-specific familiarity isn’t guaranteed with a national chain who subcontracts out to different companies or contractors every time they schedule work.
  3. Shopping small brings out the best in any business.
    Small Business is Greener: Using companies that don’t have to drive excessive distances, or order materials from overseas means that you are contributing to a greener local environment and a smaller carbon footprint.
    Small Business Supports the Entrepreneurial Spirit: Supporting local entrepreneurs is not only empowering, but also contributes to the hopes and dreams of someone who is putting their everything on the line.
    Small Business is Friendlier: Dealing with a service company who specializes in working with customers day in and day out means your technician is friendlier and will provide the best possible customer service experience.
    Small Business Gives You Customized Service:  Small business field technicians will offer you custom, individualized services and pricing that is based on the specifics of your project.  When a chain service tech whips out a pricing guidebook and tells you that their rate is ‘all-inclusive’, they are telling you that their prices are the same to everyone regardless of how big, small, unusual, or easy a job is.
  4. Your local service company knows your local codes best.  The Pikes Peak Regional Building Department has a specific set of expectations they lay out for work done in their jurisdiction.  The best people to understand both the letter and the spirit of these rules is a local contractor who works with them on most projects.  On the opposite side, knowing that different cities – like Monument, Fountain, and Cascade – have different regulations on electrical service, connection to utility power, and individual responsibility versus the utilities, can make the difference between a hundred dollar job that doesn’t meet requirements and leaves you without service, and a thousand dollar contract that restores your property to full functionality – and comes with a service warranty.

We hope we have given you some happy, healthy food for thought in this week’s blog post on why using local business is better – especially when it comes to service work like dealing with an electrician.  As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to drop them below!

(Also American Express Open Forum did a fascinating study of whether shoppers are really supporting local businesses, including a great infographic.  Check it out here: https://www.americanexpress.com/us/small-business/openforum/infographics/are-you-really-supporting-local-businesses/ )

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