DIY Electrical Projects For Homeowners, Are You Allowed To Do It?

DIY Electrical Projects For Homeowners, Are You Allowed To Do It?

By Dave Donahue

electrical handy box
electrical handy box

Here is an issue I have not addressed in my previous blogs, so this will be the topic of this weeks post. This is about DIY projects which are allowed to be done without permits. Many homeowners choose to perform their own electrical work, however for the more advanced electrical projects you may want to reconsider. The reason? It may not be allowed in your jurisdiction, in fact it may be against the law. The fines for performing some scope of electrical work without a permit can carry some pretty hefty fines. So, it’s best to know if what you are planning in your home is legal to do without a permit.

Generally speaking a homeowner is allowed to do basic changes to their electrical system without a permit. These changes include: Changing out receptacles, lighting fixtures and basic wiring troubleshooting. However even these types of DIY projects may have unforeseen circumstances. For lighting, the process is normally relatively simple providing you have an existing junction box available to support the new fixture. If you do replace a junction box or wiring it must conform to NEC regulations. In most cases the same type of wiring and boxes should be used. If you are in question and need to rough in a new box and run new wire, it may be in your best interest to contact an electrical company for help. Swartz Electric, is the leading Southern Colorado electrical company and is trained and ready to get your electrical issues solved safely and to code.

Homeowners on the other hand who are considering selling a home which is not their primary residence can NOT do electrical work on the home unless they are licensed. This is pretty cut and dry and again the penalties produce stiff results. Homeowners, who however are working on their own home for minor upgrades who are not licensed may do their own work. This can be a gray area since many homeowners would attest to the fact that they may be qualified to do the work even though they do not possess a license. It is therefore recommended to check your local building codes to see what scope of work is required to be permitted or not.

DIY projects are a fun way to learn and grow however electrical jobs may or may not fall into what is deemed legal in your area. A good rule of thumb is to remember that projects which may require certification or advanced training ie panel upgrades, sub panels, full home wiring projects may require permits to do safely and legally. The purpose of these laws which pertain to electrical installs is safety. When electrical projects go beyond simple change outs of receptacles and lighting fixtures, it’s best to contact a reputable electrical company to check with local regulations. As always, Swartz Electric remains the number one rated electrical company in Southern Colorado. Check with Swartz for all of your electrical install needs!

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