Resources for Doing-It-Yourself

October 14, 2015

Resources for Doing-It-Yourself

How-To DIY from Art to Zen

Admit it – there is a part of us, primal or prima-donna, that loves to get our hands on something and transform it into a functional, useful item of beauty.  One of the strengths of the internet is that for every time-saving shortcut or ‘power to wow’ that someone else learns, they can share it with everyone else – and empower all kinds of folks to follow in their footsteps.  This can also be dangerous – botched attempts at home handyman, furniture finisher, or craft mistress that go crazily awry, not to mention the dangerous ‘creative engineering‘ we’ve seen before…

But does that mean you should never do anything for yourself, and that learning to ‘do-it-yourself’ is completely beyond your reach?  Absolutely not!  Learn new skills, find secret talents you never knew you had – and share it with everyone you can!  Thanks to the internet, there is an endless resource for blogs, websites, and how-to’s that will happily guide you on your journey of self-discovery!  What do you want to try today?

Best DIY Resource Ever: Making technology, workshop, craft, home, food, play, outside, costumes, EVERYTHING!

WikiHow: How to do anything, with pictures!

The DIY Network – making everything look easy since 1999

Curious to find your inner DIY-er?  Keep reading for suggestions on where to find your inner can-do-er, and what to do with it!

How To Cook Like a Gourmet Chef

I love food – a lot.  I love looking at it, reading about it, and preparing it almost as much as I love eating it.  Believe it or not, there are literally thousands of recipe websites to be found across the internet.  But what sets a cook, chef, or culinary artist apart from anyone else is technique.  Did you know there are supposed to be 100 ways to cook an egg?  I don’t know if that is true – but the journey to verify it sure will be fun!  My personal opinion is that anyone can prepare amazing, delicious, healthy food if they have the education on its’ preparation.  And while a recipe can teach you what ingredients to use, the really great information comes in walk-throughs and how-to’s on the science of cooking.  Check out these resources on making amazing food (regardless of what it is!):

This Wikipedia Directory Lists 127 different cooking techniques it has articles for

Bon Appetit offers these 20 techniques for every chef’s repertoire

The San Francisco Gate demonstrates 10 techniques every cook should know

How to Craft Like An Artist

Embracing the inner artist within all of us has become a growing trend amongst Americans across the nation – no longer the domain of the domestic Goddess, anyone and everyone can spend a little time and effort, invest in some basic supplies, and create something anyone would treasure!  Make something priceless for a family member, create a trove of treasures to sell at a school bazaar, or while away your free time making your home more home-y!

20 1-Afternoon Craft Ideas

42 Craft Ideas That Are Easy to Make And Sell

50+ Must See DIY and Craft Ideas

How to Hack Your Life

Life hacks are those tiny tips, tricks, shortcuts, and easy little things which you can use to save money, time, space – and most of all, your sanity!

99 Life Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

100 Life Hacks That Make Life Easier

1000 Life Hacks (currently up to Life Hack #2263)

Use – Reuse – Upcycle

Upcycling – taking those used and re-used goods and turning them into something new, unique, and completely usable – is taking the country by storm!  Want to know how you can take your almost-trash and turn it into green treasure?  Read on!

HGTV Makes Upcycling Easy

Upcycling Crafts and Vintage Items

Upcycle That – Can you?  Yes, and here’s how!

If you are feeling super ambitious and extremely capable – or know you were born with a hammer in one hand and a t-square in the other – consider tackling these more formidable and challenging kinds of projects.

Green DIY Projects

Good Housekeeping’s Favorite Instructables DIY Projects

The Most Popular DIY Projects of 2014


As for myself, I am in no way, shape, or form crafty or hands-y – and in this instance my joy in artsy-craftsy stuff comes entirely from people who also are incapable and yet insist on producing… something.  That magical juxtaposition of DIY and WTF is where I find myself watching with horror and enjoyment – bizarre, but if you’re curious, take a peep for yourself:

30 DIY Fixes That Should Never Have Happened

WTF Dumb DIY Tutorials

Pinterest Regretsy – Life seriously does not get any better than this!

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