Adventures in Electrical Blog Writing

March 2, 2016

Adventures in Electrical Blog Writing

This week brought to you by the letters M, B, and the number 2

April 29th, 2014

That was my first ‘official’ blog posting here on, ever.

Let me tell you something – writing is hard.  Creative, interesting, educative writing is even harder.  There are literally a thousand resources to help make my articles funny, factual, and intriguing.  It does not make it any easier to sit down at a computer and spend minutes, hours, days, and sometimes even weeks putting words together.

I love learning new things, and then having the opportunity to share that information with others.  It is the single best way for me to learn anything new – and understanding something completely and fully let’s me tutor others.  The best learning experiences I have had so far is helping a customer resolve an issue – whether completely normal,  or difficult, unusual, bizarre, and rare – and then going on to write a blog post about it.  By researching challenges – polling our electricians, studying forum articles, digging up scientific explanations, looking into other electricians experiences, and then sharing the data I find – I get the opportunity to study customers problems, understand the difficulties or what is at stake, and offer solutions.  These solutions are then backed by the years of experience and knowledge that our field electricians have, a consensus of skilled and educated peers, and checked and verified against regional, local, and national code.

When I began this journey, I had a basic understanding of the science of electricity and wiring; I understood the science behind electrons, why we use specific sized wires, and how to calculate voltage drops (don’t even ask).  I spent a semester at school wiring up a lighting board – I ended up with a keyless, a fluorescent tube, and a rats nest of wiring to something like six different switches.  It was tons of fun – but it didn’t really prepare me for working at Swartz Electric.

As office staff we aren’t gifted with the same technical knowledge or experience as our field team – but some of the things we can do to help customers is to troubleshoot issues over the phone.  Often times, a little sympathy and a lot of brainstorming can fix things without costing anyone a cent – and if nothing else, our customers deserve someone who will simply listen.  We at Swartz Electric are truly aimed at being the best electricians to serve Colorado Springs – even if the best service we can do for our customers is to never show up at their house, or issue a bill.

They say to write what you know – but that only goes so far.  The worst part?  Spending anywhere from 6 to 36 hours crafting together something intended to inspire and influence – and watching only ten people read it.  Don’t misunderstand; some content does really, really well.  Curated content usually gets well over 150+ visitors, especially if there are lots of pictures.  Over the history of the blog, I’ve had posts earn 250 or more views in the first 8 hours of posting – and I have posts that to this day have only been seen a dozen times.  The point is, no matter how fickle the audience – I’ve been tuned in, and turned out the material.

Don’t misunderstand – Swartz Electric has the best customers in the world, and serving them is the greatest honor they give us.  But they are also the best tool for teaching, for learning, and for our family growing – for me growing as an author, for our company growing as a business and a family, and our customer base expanding.

I have grown out and up in my time here – and the same is true for Swartz Electric, since everything has been up and out for us over the past two years.

Thank you for helping me grow, and for helping Swartz Electric become Colorado Springs #1 Electrician – in service, in ratings, in reputation, and with our clients.

Our customers really are the most amazing in the world!

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