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Nov, 15 2019 by Dana Rozwick

Your service was great the first time. It has been awhile since then, but we needed service and again we called Swartz. Robert B. was the Tech. and was on time, courteous, efficient, and professional. We had a different tech. the first time so apparently these qualities runs throughout the company. We will continue to use Swartz when needed and recommend them to others.

Oct, 30 2018 by Pat Scanlon

Many, many thanks to Joshua for the outstanding work he did in replacing our two outmoded florescent fixtures with five LED can lights in our master bedroom closet. Joshua was highly professional and quite careful in doing his work, and he took the time to make sure we had the properly aligned lighting configuration before cutting into the ceiling and rewiring. Then he want the extra distance, on his own initiative, and patched the ceiling holes left behind. The end result was outstanding! As an added bonus, Joshua is a very pleasant person, and my wife and I enjoyed having him in our home. A++

Oct, 22 2018 by Brad

Kyle really helped me out by solving a simple problem that I was unsure of handling myself. (I’m too embarrassed to mention what it was) Friendly and knowledgeable, he showed me that fixes like this are simple and easy. I am a returning customer to Swartz and will be coming back again with any electrical problems in my home. You guys are great!

Brad, while electricity can be a scary thing, we also know it can be a baffling unknown. We are grateful that you trusted us with your unusual issue, and that Kyle was able to provide you with five-star service. We think he’s pretty amazing too, and we are all grateful for the opportunity to work with amazing customers like yourself. Thank you for being a Swartz Electric customer!

Oct 19, 2018 by Randy Threet

Joseph Monti did Outstanding work at my home. He replaced 4 exterior light fixtures with new fixtures we provided. The work was completed in a very reasonable amount of time, high quality, and good price. Joseph was on time, wore shoe covers in my home and explained all work thoroughly. I will certainly use Swartz Electric for future projects. Thank You, Joseph.

Thank you, Randy, for being one of our amazing Swartz Electric customers! We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with amazing customers like yourself. Joseph is a valuable team member, and we honor him for providing you with five-star service. We look forward to helping you with future projects!

Oct 18, 2018 by Dan B.

A friend recommended them, very easy process. Joseph Monti was very professional and prompt. Installed 4 lights and did a great job. I recommend them.

Thank you so very much, Dan! We are grateful for the opportunity to provide five-star service and honor Joe for being an awesome team member.

Oct 15, 2018 by Laura

We needed a wall outlet installed to charge our Tesla as well as needing a faulty switch replaced in our basement. The installation was completed flawlessly and quickly by Joseph Monti! Both the outlet and the switch continue to operate flawlessly. I am very impressed with Swartz Electric and would definitely not hesitate to call them again should we require more electrical work! Thanks again, Joseph!

Laura, we are deeply grateful you are one of our fantastic customers! Thank you for trusting us with your electrical project, and for allowing us to show you what five-star service looks like. We are honored to be your electrician of choice, and look forward to helping you with future projects.

Oct 12, 2018 by Don G. Schley, PMP

Today Joseph Monti came out to do a job for me that had been scheduled nearly a month ago. The work was the result of the great hail storm of August 6, 2018, which tore the power line from the house to the garage lose. Joseph arrived at the scheduled time, despite traffic and a major accident, and after going over the details with men, spent the next six hours restringing the main electrical line and practically rewiring the entire garage. Where in-place fixtures did not work, he replaced them. Work was inspected and papers were signed by 3 pm when Joseph headed to his next job. I would recommend these guys to anyone.

Thank you so very much, Don, for the thorough evaluation of the service provided and the positive feedback. We know that each electrical service call is unique – and yours especially so! We are grateful that you trusted us with the work and proud of Joe for providing you with five-star service. Thank you for being our customer, and we look forward to working with you on future projects!

Oct 11, 2018 by Steve

Kyle was great. We’ve lived in our new property for about a year and had problems with some of the electrical. He arrived on time, diagnosed the problem, made sure everything was working and ultimately solved a problem I accidentally caused. Thanks for the great service.

Thank you so very much for trusting us with your electrical problem, Steve! We are grateful you allowed us to help, and we are privileged to be on-hand to assist you with any future challenges. We honor you for being one of our fantastic customers!

Oct 10, 2018 by Perry Bach

Joseph checked out multiple problems in an orderly and systematic manner. He identified the cause of each problem and resolved them. He explained what caused the problems, and told me how to prevent them in the future. He worked efficiently without rushing. It was a pleasure having Joe take care of the problems.

Perry, we are grateful that Joe provided you with five-star service. We know that electrical problems can be a little intimidating, and were grateful for the chance to resolve your issues. Thank you for being our customer!

Oct 9, 2018 by Mary C.

Joseph Monti came out today for a service call. He was prompt and very professional. He fixed the problem which included him making a trip to a local store for a part. We have found our electric company for any problems in the future. Thank you Joseph!

Mary, we are deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve customers and honored that Joe provided you with five-star service! Thank you for trusting us with solving your electrical problems.

Oct 8, 2018 by Judy McCollam

Joseph Monti, was fantastic, I would use them again if I have the opportunity to do so, he helped me out of a jam and for that I am very grateful !! Thank you Joe !!

Thank you so very much, Judy, for the glowing feedback! Joseph is an amazing team member, and we are grateful he provided you with five-star service!

Oct 1, 2018 by Allan Sitterson

Joseph rewired two outdoor GFCI outlets at my house and so far they are both working! I’ve had two other electricians look at these outlets and temporarily “fixed” them. Joseph identified why they kept shorting out and so far everything is working the way they should. Thanks Joseph

Thank you so very much, Allan, for trusting us with your electrical problems. We honor Joe for providing you with five-star service and look forward to helping you with future issues. Thank you for being one of our wonderful customers!

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