Five warning signs you need to get your electrical wiring checked

Five Warning Signs you Need to Get Your Electrical Wiring Checked
September 22, 2021

Damaged, poorly installed, or outdated wiring isn’t something that you should never take lightly. As per NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), home fires due to electrical failure has caused approx. 1,250 civilian injuries, 440 civilian deaths, and $1.3 billion worth of property damage in 4 years only. So, you must put your hard efforts to avoid making your home one of them.

Electrical wiring malfunctions are the most common reason behind unwanted accidents. So, it is extremely important to keep yourself alert for easier to spot warning signs that can let you know about your faulty wiring.

Here are five of the most important warning signs that can be a sign you need to have your electrical wiring checked. Always remember, these warning signs are meant for electrical professionals. 

Breakers and fuses going out more often

Circuit breakers are effective to keep your house from fire by tripping. Even though fuses also provide the same protection but breakers can perform this job better. However, fuses and breakers going out more often is a bad sign regarding your electrical system and you need to get your wiring checked for this.

Flickering and dimming lights

Dimming and flickering lights are an indication of an overloaded circuit. However, if it is happening more often, this can mean something is wrong. It is because a circuit with enough capacity usually never dims or flickers. So, if it is happening often, it is suggested to get your wiring checked by a professional to find the actual cause.

Shocking or hot outlets and switches

Shocking or hot switches and outlets are a clear indicator that there is a problem with the switch outlet or your electrical wiring. Sometimes, it indicates that there is a wire in the circuit that is causing a problem here. This can be frustrating and even an unpleasant experience that can be a sign of a problem with your home’s electrical wiring.  besides being an unpleasant experience.

It could be a wire that has lost its installation or a broken wire causing the switch to become shocking or hot. In any case, getting your electrical wiring checked is highly important.

Burning smell

A burning smell with no identification with its source is always scary. An electrical fire can also produce a burning smell. If you are not going to identify that on time, it may lead to real danger by catching the surrounding materials on fire as well.

So, if you are experiencing a burning smell especially smells of acrid, make sure to call an electrician to give your electrical wiring a quick check and potentially avoid further damage.


This is never a good sign, especially for your electrical system. However, how you are going to deal with sparking completely depends on where it is coming from. If fuse box, outlet, or electrical panel are sparking, ensure to call an electrician ASAP.

However, sparking from wiring means you just need to get your electrical wiring checked before further problems arise.

Whenever you notice any of the above-mentioned warning signs, make sure to call a professional electrician to get your wiring checked ASAP.

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