Frequent Spring Service Calls

May 18, 2016

Frequent Spring Service Calls

Customers Most Common Seasonal Service Calls: Spring

As we’ve mentioned before, each season brings with it different electrical concerns.  Our customers experience different kinds of problems throughout the years, but in the spring we usually deal with a specific variety of ‘common’ seasonal issues.


GFCIs, or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters and AFCIs, Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters

It seems like regardless of the season, our protective outlets (such as GFCIs and AFCIs) can be some of the most difficult to understand, troubleshoot, and locate!  If you lose power to a specific wall or region of your home, such as bathrooms, garage, or outdoor outlets, then consider these helpful articles on troubleshooting both your AFCIs and GFCIs:

Swartz Electric – Troubleshooting GFCIs

Swartz Electric – Troubleshooting AFCIs

Family Handyman – Troubleshooting Dead Outlets

The Circuit Detective – Can’t Reset a GFCI Outlet



Outdoor Electrical Service and Lighting

Another big thing in Spring?  Outdoor electrical service – whether it be a brand new installation for an outdoor kitchen, or something as small as repairing an outdoor outlet – Spring is the time when we get calls from customers who are stepping out.  Going out and about the yard, driveway, or deck might remind you – not only do you need more light, more outlets, or more outbuildings (like a shed, barn, or workshop) – but you need more power!


Would you spend more time in your backyard if it looked like this?


Learn to embrace the great outdoors – even if doing so means running exterior waterproof lighting, speakers, and electricity for a range top, oven, ceiling fan, and countertop outlets for blenders – because we all need a margarita!



However in all seriousness – outdoor power use is necessary and a big safety concern due to things like water exposure, power tools of all kinds, and the presence of pets and children.  This can seem daunting – but remember that a licensed, insured electrician can help you bring power to anywhere outside in a safe and code-compliant manner.  This is especially important since outdoor outlets should be GFCI protected, and different regions of the country has specific expectations about the depth of buried power cables.




If you have questions or concerns about power in your backyard or to your landscape lighting, then please consider the following:

First Energy – Outdoor Electrical Safety

EC Mag – Inside Tips for Outdoor Electrical Safety

She Knows – Tips for Outdoor Electrical Safety

NFPA – Outdoor Electrical Safety


And, as always, call before you dig!  Anytime you are planning to unearth even parts of your yard then it is imperative you reach out to the local utility locators by dialing 811 from either your cell phone or a land line.




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