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Residents of Colorado Springs!  Did you know that you can get free light bulbs from our utility company?  Or that purchasing Energy-Star-rated CFL light bulbs will instantly qualify you for special rebates at your favorite local retailer?


What about the fact that homeowners could receive rebates on upgrading their homes towards efficiency?  How would you like to get reimbursed for purchasing new windows, upgrading your toilets, installing new sprinkler systems?  Imagine – getting the utilities to help pay for installing a new boiler, furnace, water heater, dishwasher or fridge!  Not only is that going to save money on utilities, but they want to pay you to do it.  Your local utility company is willing to help pay for additional improvements to your homes envelope – like sealing your HVAC ducts, or air-sealing against leaks and infiltration, and blowing new insulation to fill gaps into your home.  Those kinds of choices will lower your utility consumption and qualify for reimbursement; those kinds of savings could help you do even bigger and better upgrades such as solar or geothermal!


What if you uses those rebates to flat-out purchase renewable energy?  Colorado Springs Utilities will let you designate what kind of renewable energy you want to buy, even – pure wind, or mixed renewable including solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, and hydroelectricity.


For more information, you should visit and see just what kind of encouraging nudge the local utilities are offering people who want to go green!




The best part is that our regional utilities doesn’t just offer rebates and incentives for residential consumers – they also have stunning programs lined up to help commercial offices and industrial producers enjoy the same kinds of ‘upgrades’.  Water, windows, lighting, and irrigation rebates still apply – as do those aimed at motor maintenance, higher efficiency air conditioners and swamp coolers, occupancy sensors for lights, and replacing old permanent split capacitor motors with the new, much more highly efficient electronically commutated motors.




Business managers, office owners, and home owners alike can take advantage of these opportunities to increase their buildings efficiency, comfort, lighting levels, performance and more – while being rewarded for their thoughtfulness and forward-thinking.  For more information about business rebates, visit and explore the options for saving available to your industry, today!


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