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October 23, 2020

Here at Swartz Electric, we like to be prepared for the holidays. October is an exciting time for pumpkins, candy, scary movies, and the occasional possibly-not-so-friendly ghoulish visitors. With this in mind, we would like to help you identify if your home is the latest haunt of the neighborhood, or you might just need a checkup.

What You Might Experience:

1). Are your LED lights flickering? If you have already tried switching the bulb, check to see if the bulb is twisted in completely and tightly. Also, check to see if there is any corrosion in the socket. Are your lights flickering at different intervals? If you have four lights on a chandelier and they are not flickering in unison, you might have a new ghostly roommate.
corroded lamp socket

2). Are your LED lights buzzing? If you have already checked that the bulb is not loose in the socket, check to see if the bulb needs to be switched out. Is this the only light that is buzzing? You could be experiencing a loose wire connection. However, if you are experiencing the soft buzz or hum of a light get louder than your television, you might want to investigate what a poltergeist is.

3). Are your LED lights not bright enough? If you have already tried switching the bulb, check to see if the bulb is twisted in completely and tightly. Is this the only light that is not as bright? A loose wire connection will make one light dimmer than another. If the collection in a set is dimmer than expected, there could be a circuit issue. Have you changed brands? Different LED light brands behave differently. If your LED lights stay dimmer even after a circuit check, you might have a hungry spirit friend sucking up the light’s energy.

4). Is the Dimmer Switch of your LED lights not working? If you have already checked that the bulb is not loose in the socket, check to see if the bulb needs to be changed and if there is corrosion in the socket. If the issue is not resolved, there could be an issue on the compatibility of the LED light and the dimmer switch. Afterwards, if the dimmer is still not working, you could have a little ghostly prankster playing with the settings.
Dimmer Swtich

What You Should Never Experience:

1). Color Changing? Unless you purchased an LED light that was specifically designed to, you should not be experiencing color changes. A yellow-white light will never become a blue-white light under any circumstances. Please get help if your lights are suddenly green or even red, those are your new invisible bunkmates, not your home.

2). Leaking? For no happy reason should your lights be leaking. If your lights are leaking water, you are already witnessing an excessively big problem a little too late and you will need to contact a plumber. If your LED lights are oozing, gooping, or sliming strange colors like green, red, or black, you are definitely standing in the middle of a wild spirit party and they forgot to ask permission.
wet lightbulb
3). Smell? A burning smell or burning plastic smell is not safe but can happen on occasion. Make sure the socket is not receiving any power and that the light bulb has been off for a few minutes before attempting to remove as the bulb will be hot. However, not under any circumstances should your LED lights be emitting a sour, rancid, or foul smell. If you are certain the scent is coming from your lights, your ghoulish roommate is a bit of a bully. That is just cruel.<

4). Glaring? LED lights are a wonderful scientific marvel and bring a lot of bright, colorful lights into our busy lives. However, we can assure you these lights will never be brighter than our own natural marvel- the sun. If your lights are glaring, or lighting up brighter than the noon day sun, you might be getting a visit from the other side. We promise that you should still be able to see your hands and feet under normal light conditions.
Glaring Sun
Here at Swartz Electric, we like to help our neighbors stay safe and be prepared. October might be the season of the ghoulish, spectral, and supernatural, but only if they are visiting for candy. Remember to keep these tips in mind, and if you are still feeling a little spooked, call Swartz Electric for backup at 719-457-2218 – we scare electrons!