Holiday Safety for 2016 And Every Year

Holiday Safety for 2016 And Every Year

Being Safe Through The Holidays

‘Tis the season for the holidays; decorations, food, family tons of fun – and countless dangers that we encounter every day.  Holiday safety ensures that we will take care of our family in every possible way.  While ‘holiday safety’ should really be a year-round occupation, it’s’ easy to lose ourselves in the joy of celebrating.  Keep these thoughts on holiday safety burning bright through the seasons and your family will be thankful for more than a good time!

Why Does Holiday Safety Matter?


2015 Fire Statistics - Holiday Safety

Holiday Statistics Infographic - Holiday Safety

Holiday Statistics Infographic - Holiday Safety

Halloween Holiday Safety

Our first holiday on this safety trip is quickly coming – Monday, October 31st is Halloween!  Halloween is a special holiday for small children and families – as well as involving whole communities.  For these reasons, holiday safety is a key issue during this especially family-friendly holiday.  The traditions of wandering from house to house and street to street opens us up to risks both at home and away.

Every ounce of fun we have, if tempered with prevention, ensures we can enjoy many more holidays with our loved ones.  Since these next four months will be a dizzying blur of fun, food, and celebration then safety should always be in the back of our minds.

Thanksgiving Holiday Safety

Turkey day is without a doubt our nation’s favorite holiday for feasting with family, enjoying football, fellowship, and joy.  The biggest dangers during this season come from our food preparation shortcuts for some, and for others the risk of having ‘just a little too much fun’.



Turkey Holiday Safety


It goes without saying that while the food can be a killer, holiday revelry is a contributor to the dark side of the most wonderful time of year.


Holiday Drunk Driving



Christmas Holiday Safety

I know we’ve harped on Christmas safety before, but it is definitely a topic worth repeating.  Our family is worth protecting, at all times, from every possible danger.



Holiday safety is the gift that keeps on giving!

New Year’s Safety

Last but not least is the end of the old year and beginning of the new.  New Year’s is a festive time for everyone involved – a joyous occasion to look forward to the coming challenges and opportunities, and yet close the door on the struggles of the year behind.





Most importantly – take care of yourselves, and each other.  Swartz Electric really wants to celebrate these coming holidays with you – and many others to come.


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