Hot Tub Tips For The Summer Months!

Hot Tub Tips For The Summer Months!
By Dave Donahue
May 2013


Hot Tub
Hot Tub


It’s that time again! Time to fire up the hot tub for the summer months. Did you know however that drownings are still one of the leading cause of death in the United States? Deaths due to drownings in hot tubs are always preventable. In this blog I will give you some tips on hot tub safety. By following some simple effective measures, you can enjoy your hot tub safely!

1) This should be an obvious preventable tip to keep you safe while using your hot tub. Unfortunately many accidents and deaths occur when using alcohol while relaxing in hot tubs. Alcohol has a tendency to create a false sense of well being and makes people less inhibited. Never drink alcohol while using your hot tub! It just doesn’t mix well. Not at all in any circumstances!

2) Check your power source! Always use a GFCI with your hot tub. Electricity and water do not mix well either. Underwater lighting which operates at more than fifteen volts is required to have GFCI’s Electrical shock is also a major cause of accidents and deaths yearly in the United States. Check with Swartz Electric for additional southern Colorado Electrical hot tub safety tips and for hot tub installation requirements!

3) Use a solar cover to safe electricity! This may seem like a waste of money but look at the long term benefits. A cover for your spa or hot tub helps prevent evaporation and can protect your investment from elements like wind, fallen branches and leaves and other debri! Spa covers are inexpensive and can really save you money and headaches down the road! Swartz Electric, the leading Southern Colorado electrical company is ready to install your tub and give you more power saving tips!

4) Periodically check your hot tub for cracks, leaks and wear and tear from the elements! Wear and tear is completely normal in anything created by man. Just like vehicles, it is important to have your spa checked for wear that comes with age. Let Swartz Electric check your hot tub and offer suggestions as to what you can do to prevent future damage! Colorado residents looking for hot tub safety and electrical installation can find help by contacting Swartz Electric, a Southern Colorado based electrical company.

5) Clean and replace your filters! Spa filters clog and need to be cleaned about every three months while in use. They should also be replaced yearly! A clean filter means clean water. By cleaning and replacing your filters on a regular basis you are providing a safe, clean hot tub, reducing the chances for illness. For some more tips on keeping your spa or hot tub running optimally see here.

These five tips should get you on the road to using your hot tub safely. Unfortunately accidents occur when the simplest of rules when it comes to spa safety and maintenance are not adhered to. A hot tub can be a great way to relax and unwind free of worry. For additional tips on safety, installation and maintenance contact Swartz Electric for all you electrical needs. This Southern Colorado based electrical company has trained professionals ready to get your spa or hot tub working perfectly!

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