How to Install A Garage Security Flood Light

How to Install A Garage Security Flood Light

Garage Security Floodlight
Garage Security Floodlight

Installing a flood light can be a useful and safe addition to your home. In this blog I’ll be explaining how to safely install a garage security floodlight. Floodlights are commonly installed outside of garages to illuminate driveways and in newer homes wired with NMB wire coming from the garage. The wire is then run through the wall leading out to outside of the structure. Here are some basic tips to installing a floodlight properly.
1) First and foremost safety always comes first! By now anyone who reads these blogs has more than likely come to understand the importance of safety whenever installing, repairing or troubleshooting any electrical system or device. Becoming safety conscious is your key to a safe and proper installation. Always wear appropriate eyewear, use the correct tools and learn how to use them properly! Don’t forget, if you are ever in question as to how to safely install your new floodlight or any electrical device, contact Swartz Electric, the leading Southern Colorado electrical company. Swartz Electric is a member of the Better Business Bureau and holds an A plus rating. They can help you get your installation done safely and effectively!

2) Locate the power source you will be using to install your outdoor floodlight. This may be a junction box in the rafters of your garage or you may want to run a “dedicated” line from the panel to a junction box yourself. This junction box should hold a 14/2 wire source. 14/2 NMB (or non-metallic, high temperature wire) is available at any Home Depot or Lowe’s self improvement store. For those who do not know what 14/2 wire is, this contains a hot wire, a neutral wire and a ground wire. This is the wire commonly used for 120 V circuits.

3)If you have a outside floodlight fixture already installed and ready to take down, turn the power source off at the panel. Unscrew the fixture and uncap the wires. Check these wires for power with a small hotstick or other noncontact tester. Once you have determined no power exist on the circuit, disconnect the wires and unscrew the housing from the outside of the garage. Now you are ready to install the new floodlight.

4) Take the wires you disconnected and wire them together, black to black, white to white and finally green to green. Some color variations exist with these wires. The neutral may be gray instead of white and the hot wire may be any color besides gray,white or green. Connect the wires accordingly to the new fixture. Finally mount the new fixture, insert the new bulbs and turn the power back on.

5) This is the installation techniques for a basic security  floodlight. Most floodlights designed for outdoor use are produced with photocells now which can either be set or will automatically turn on and off at nightfall and daybreak. Ask your home improvement specialist which type of fixture is best suited for your project. For further help with any DIY project contact Swartz Electric, the leading electrical company in Southern Colorado

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