How To Install An Electric Oven Range

How To Install An Electric Oven Range
By Dave Donahue

electric range
electric range

For the most part, an electric oven should last you a long time. However when they do fail, it’s often better to replace them or than pay the hefty repair bill. This blog is about how to safely install a new electric oven range. While electric ranges come in different sizes and shapes, a standard range is commonly wired up the the same as others. Ranges should be connected to a standard 240 dedicated outlet. This outlet should be a four prong outlet with a means to connect two hot wires, one neutral and one ground. If you have an existing three prong outlet, you may need to reinstall a four prong outlet.

1) Remove the stove or back it away from the wall. Once you have access to the outlet you will want to take the plug out of the wall. Make sure all power is off to the circuit and test the power before continuing. If in doubt of your ability to perform this task safely, check with your local electrician!

2) Remove the cover plate of the range to access the power terminals. Your new stove will more than likely not have a power cord attached to it. Your range may also have a copper bonding strip which will need to be removed. See the manufacturer’s instructions for removing the strip.

3) Install a strain relief taking care to clamp the connector around the insulated part of the power cord. Strain reliefs are designed to protect the power cord from damage, therefore it is important to connect this to your power cord.

4) Wire up the terminals from the stove (range) to the appropriate wires coming from the power cord. White to white, red to red, blue to blue and finally green to the green grounding wire. Once the wires are connected, plug the power cord for the range into the outlet. Turn back on the power and test the hot plates on the stove by turning to the on position.

This is a standard way to install a new range. While there may be variables to installing new ranges and removing older stoves the wiring methods are typically the same. A standard 240 volt outlet is necessary to wire your new range. This DIY project can be performed safely and effectively relatively easily however if you are in doubt of having the skills to perform this task, please call your local Southern Colorado electrician.

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