How To Replace An Electric Dryer Outlet

How To Replace An Electric Dryer Outlet
By Dave Donahue

Standard Electric Dryer Outlet
Standard Electric Dryer Outlet

At some time or other it may become necessary to replace your dryer outlet. You may have an old one that is outdated or you may have a cracked plug. Whatever the case, if your 220 dryer outlet becomes defective it’s time to replace it. The first precaution  you should be mindful of is a dryer outlet although seemingly simple to replace, carries 220 volts of power. So, it is imperative that you use caution when installing. Below are the steps to replace your 220 volt dryer plug.

1) First, locate the dryer breaker. This breaker is a two pole breaker and may be labled “dryer”. You may need to troubleshoot a bit to locate the proper breaker especially if you have an older home. Older homes may have an outdated panel which is not labeled. Once you locate the breaker turn it to the “off” position. If you are in question of the location or feel unsure about doing this project, contact Swartz Electric, a leader in Southern Colorado electrical work.

2) Unscrew the old outlet from the wall after checking the plug with a tester. The outlet as you will see will have two hot wires (black and red) and a ground (green) and neutral (white). Disconnect the wires from the old plug. For new installs of plugs you may have to cut away a few inches off the sheathing to expose the wires.

3) Take the wire and run it through the cover plate. You will not need to install a new junction box as dryer receptacles have their own plates for securing. Take the 220 receptacle and connect the wires. Black and red to the brass screws, white to the silver screw and green to the green grounding screw. Install the cover using the screws which were provided with the new outlet.

4) Push the dryer back against the wall ( if this is the location) being careful not to damage the new outlet. Turn the breaker back to the “On” position. Check the plug with a tester. If your tester shows the appropriate voltage. Turn the dryer back on.

This is a simple step by step instruction on installing a new dryer receptacle. If you encounter problems you may need to contact a qualified electrician. For dryer receptacle help or for assistance with any electrical DIY project you have contact Swartz Electric, the leading source in Southern Colorado for all your electrical needs. As with all electrical projects, consider your safety first! Use eye protection, gloves when needed and proper clothing and shoes. Remember to think safety first before starting any electrical work!

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