Acting With Swartz Electric Integrity

July 22, 2016

Swartz Electric Integrity

What Does It Mean to be Our Customer?

Recently, our reputation as the Pikes Peak Region’s Premier Electrical Contractor was challenged in the most surprising of ways.  We were left a disparaging review.  This was deeply hurtful.  It also forced us to take a step back and examine the premise our company is built upon, and the promises we make our customers.  Did we truly fail a customer?  Where did the mistake exist?  Did we behave with integrity?  Did we still try to offer five-star service to a customer – regardless of whether they signed a contract or even if we never sent them a bill?  Of course, in order to examine ourselves more closely, we must ask –  did we fulfill our promise to Swartz Electric customers?

Swartz Electric Integrity

Our electricians carry with them our ‘brag book’, which is a collection of reviews from customers.  It is a guide not just to how we have acted in the past, but contains a promise for how we will act in the future.    Most of that promise comes from some simple tenets listed on our homepage.  Some of that guarantee is stated in our warranty.  All of it is of vital importance.  It is a set of guidelines for how we desire to treat our customers – and that is with integrity.

We Promise Our Customers…


Honesty is our guiding factor – to be transparent and truthful in all our interactions.  We share our expertise and knowledge freely, hoping that you will listen.  There are plenty of times that means we won’t get a job, or that a customer will not agree with us, or even that our advice is ignored.  That is okay!  We aren’t in this business to scare customers, inflame emotions with horror stories, or induce panic.  Instead, we want to educate and enlighten so that, like us, your decisions come from a place of wisdom.

Additionally, not every electrical project is the same.  It would be unfair to charge each customer or project the same amount.  This means each invoice is different from the next – and every job, no matter what it is, has its own individual features.  Each project has its’ own costs – and yours will be different from anyone else’s.  That is why we want to give you an in-person estimate, with a personalized, custom, tailor-made, free estimate for your project.  Your home and your project is different than anyone else’s.

Swartz Electric Integrity
– Warren Buffet


We will respect our customers time by communicating what our project time frames look like.  How far out on an estimate are we?  When can we get there?  When can we schedule the work?  How long does the project take – and will you be waiting beyond completion for permits and inspections?

Also, if inspections are needed we will walk you through that process as well – since the Regional Building Department has its own procedures to follow.

Our customers space is respected by our desire to leave it in the condition we found it – or better – and our deep desire to protect you, the customer.  We wear booties to keep your floors from dirt and damage.  We will clean up behind ourselves.

Our electricians are screened both for their background and substance abuse.  We would never allow someone into your home that we don’t trust.


As our customer, we will honor your project guidelines and time frames to the best of our ability.

We will observe your outlined project and its’ goals, and aim for them as well – all while respecting regional authority, legality, and oversight measures.  This is to ensure that your installations and electrical systems will be the safest possible.  It also provides a blanket of protection for you the consumer, and for us as your contractor.  In this way we build mutual trust and therefore honor both ourselves and each other.


What This Means For You Is…

All of these fancy words just mean one simple thing:

We are not in this to make the most money possible.  Some?  Absolutely – but it is not our driving factor.  We are not in this to get the biggest amount of jobs in the world, either.  Sure, it would be great – but our focus has narrowed to working with residential customers in a very special niche.   We are most certainly not in this to ‘get away’ with anything morally wrong, illegal, or even in violation of the fundamentals of the National Electric Code.  Our only goal is to make every home we work in as safe as we possibly can!

Again – what does it mean to act with integrity towards Swartz Electric Customers?

It means we offer transparency, honor, and respect –
as our customer we give you value, integrity, and ensure your safety.


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