Phenomenal Presents for Father’s

June 1, 2016

Phenomenal Presents for Father’s

and Great Gifts for Dads!

I am not sure what Father’s Day is like for everyone else – but at our house, it is a seriously hard core competition to see who can think of the most creative, most original, most amazing Father’s Day gift for my Dad.  While we’re not a huge family (two kids, spouses, and two grandkids) we take it really seriously.  It’s always hard to top each other – and ourselves, too!  The good news is that since I have already had to tread this path, I churned up tons of universally awesome gifts that I might have given my Dad – and I can safely share with you.


Don’t forget – Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19th!

The Best Gift Ever – You Are The Luckiest Dad Mug

That’s all.  *Mic Drop*

You Are The Luckiest Dad
CBs Luckiest Dad Mug


A Close Second – The Rolling Creeper / Seat / Tool Chest Combination

While this present is ‘on point’, not every Dad will get as much use out of it as my Pops will – he plays on his car, in the garden, around the pond, and all over the yard.  This could possibly be the best gift he could ever get – ever.

The WEN Rolling Creeper and Toolbox


In Case A Coffee-Mug Alone Isn’t Enough – A Coffee Mug Warmer

Just in case the coffee-mug by itself isn’t amazing – then bring it to the next level by providing the eternally hot, coffee-cup size warmer made just for one.  Honestly, there are never enough USB plugs for all our fun electronic things anyways, so you might as well give the best-gift-ever of a mug-warmer and USB-hub all-in-one!  Huzzah!


[ezcol_1half]Mug Warmer USB Hub-1[/ezcol_1half]  [ezcol_1half_end][/ezcol_1half_end]


Real Men Deserve Steak! – From Omaha!

Great Steaks for Dads
Great Steaks for Dads


Twice baked potatoes and apple tarts don’t hurt, either.  Don’t you think your Dad deserves the best in beef?  Even better: get this dinner for just him, or maybe him and mom – and let them enjoy it, in peace.


Fathers Are FLIPPIN’ Awesome! – Grilling gear for the gourmand dad (or grandpa) – or at least the grill-head living in your mancave.

Fathers are Flippin' Awesome
Fathers are Flippin’ Awesome by Personal Creations


Speaking of the Grill – Bristle-Free Grill Brushing

Bristle Free Grill Brush


There are a zillion factors that make grilling great – but ask any man I know (father, husband, or grandfather) and they will tell you that the first and most important factor is getting the grill really hot and the second is cleaning it really, really well right before slapping down deliciousness on it.  Make everyone happy with a grill brush that won’t fall apart and leavy rusty metal teeth all over your smoldering, smoking grates.



The Best Popcorn Popper EVER!

Whether for your boy scout or world’s best grandpa, there is something magical about popping corn over an open flame – even if that ‘open flame’ is on your stovetop or over a grill burner (trust me, it happens).  How can you make it even more fun and magical?  Throw in a cool, echo-y, noisy popcorn popper that bounces around and makes lots of cool noises.



The Incredible Space Pen – The last pen anyone will ever be able to use!

That might be a slight exaggeration, but even you will have to admit – pressurized space pens, that are designed to work regardless of the presence of gravity or the lack of oxygen are amazing!  Since they are heat and cold-resistant and use universal refills, once you give a Fisher pen, it can be good forever.


They also can come with really cool holders for the desks of your favorite astronaut…

JZ Pen Holders

And since Fisher Space Pens start at $6 a pop and can come in a variety of ink colors – black, blue, red and silver – then there is no reason you can’t find a Fisher pen worthy of your favorite Father figure!Zombie Space Pen


Zombie Apocalypse Cartridge Casing Space Pen, anyone?

We hope you and yours have a wonderful Father’s day, regardless of whether you get them one of our phenomenal gift ideas or not!


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