The Promise Swartz Electric Makes to Its Customers

July 29, 2016

The Swartz Electric Promise

What Do We Promise Our Customers?

Why should you choose Swartz Electric?  If you really are asking this question, then I invite you to see  some of the awards we have received, read our free electrical tips, or peruse one of our hundreds of blog posts.  We are determined to empower and educate our customers, – but more than that, we want to offer undeniable value by backing up our warranty with five-star service and impeccable customer care.  We promise our customers the kind of experience they deserve!  While  it’s true that we have amazing ratings, our customers love us, and that we earn every smidgen of our reputation, what does that mean for you?  It means that you can trust Swartz Electric to keep its promise to you, our customer.  You can believe we will behave with ethics, with honesty – and most importantly, with integrity.

Swartz Electric Promise

The Swartz Electric Promise

We will tell you the truth.

Honesty is expensive.  That is to say – sometimes being honest costs us business, money, and even reputation.  Regardless, you can trust us to give you the facts.. Even if that truth means our company and your project are not a good fit.  We accept that we are not the right company for every customer, and likewise that every customer might not be a good fit for us either.

The Swartz Electric Promise

We earn every single five-star review we have.

It is earned by offering value, integrity, and safety in every project we complete.  We earn it by treating our customers as we want to be treated.  Our electricians won’t compromise – not on materials, personnel, or doing things right.  In addition, this means giving our very best, on every job, every single time.

The Swartz Electric Promise

We are accountable for what we do.

Oversight by independent monitoring agencies – the state regulatory agencies and regional building, to name a few – means that your standards are not the only ones we have to meet.  It also means we always act with the utmost responsibility because we are answerable to more than just our customers, in addition to ourselves.


We stand behind what we do.

Our two year warranty on materials and lifetime workmanship guarantee is your evidence; it becomes proof that we are going to stick around, and take care of you.  Our warranty tells you that your business matters just as much today as it did ten years ago.  That guarantee also assures you that we mean to stand the test of time.

Swartz Electric Promise

We desire to respect and serve you.

As our customers, you are our partners in growth, service, and self-improvement.  We seek and desire your approval and feedback so that each following experience is better for you, to say nothing of the customers who follow in your footsteps.  Our journey is only made better when balanced by the voice of our customers.

We are eternally grateful to each and every client who chooses us.

In the end, our success is due entirely to the customers who trust us.  In addition, we are able to grow and support our company family thanks to continued patronage from these – our partners in achievement.  Each and every one of our staff holds our customers in nothing but the highest esteem – this in turn empowers our employees to treat each job like the most important task, to respect not only a customer’s space and home, but also their family and time.  Our goal is to leave only the best of impressions behind, to leave your space better than we found it, and to bring honor to you.

Thank you.


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