Commercial Electrician

Need a Commercial Electrician in Colorado?

Your commercial business has unique needs. You want electricians who are licensed and reliable. You need electricians you can trust. And when it comes to electrical needs, we understand that your commercial business has unique needs. From specific voltage requirements to advanced wiring infrastructures and emergency services, we’ve got you covered with our Commercial Electrician Services in Colorado Springs.

In the business world, you need to make sure everything is running as well as possible. You can help this process along by hiring a commercial electrician in Colorado Springs like us that does an excellent job and is committed to you!

We’ve been providing quality electrician work to commercial businesses in the Colorado Springs area for many years and we’re ready to tackle any electrical task that comes our way. Don’t wait any longer, and contact us today at Swartz Electric for all your Commercial Electrician Services.

Popular Commercial Electrician Services

  • Tenant Improvements
  • Circuit Additions
  • LED Lighting Retrofits
  • LED Sign Conversions
Swartz Electric Colorado Springs Electrician

Swartz Electric is a Colorado Licensed Electrical Contractor authorized to work throughout Colorado.

Why Choose Us as Your Commercial Electrician

When you need a local electrician that you can trust, then choose our electricians. Swartz electric is the top electric company in Colorado Springs because we take pride in all of our work and want to give every customer an excellent experience. We are licensed to meet every Colorado standard for an Electrician! Our electricians have years worth of experience in the field and know what they’re doing when it comes to electrical wiring

If your electricity goes out, call us immediately. We will give you a estimate on the electric repairs and you won’t be disappointed in our prices or professionalism when we arrive to fix your issue.

Trust Us to Provide The Best Electrical Service Around

You can trust us with any electric repair because of our dedication to safety. Our Electricians go through extensive training before they are allowed to do their jobs, so that’s why there isn’t a job that’s too big for our electricians. No matter how difficult the electric repairs are or how scary they may look, you can trust us to do the job right.

When electricians are needed in Colorado Springs, people turn to the reliable pros at Swartz Electric. 

The electricians from Swartz Electric have been serving the community since 2006!

Our electricians at Swartz Electric are licensed, and we pride ourselves in giving our customers quality electrician service for their commercial or residential needs before, during, and after the electrician job is done.

We handle all types of Electrician Services, including quality commercial electrician work. Our primary areas of focus include the Colorado Springs area along with the surrounding areas too. Choose us to be your Electrician in Colorado Springs!

Local Electrician FAQ

As a homeowner, you might have experienced the need for electrical repairs in your home. This might be caused by improper installation of electrical wiring or concern about safety standards. In any case, a good electrician can help you take care of all your electrical problems and ensure complete satisfaction from their service. It is important to find a professional and reliable electrician who will keep up with the latest standards and techniques. A few of the most important factors that you must consider while looking for an electrician include:

Experience: The first thing that you should consider is the experience and training of the electrician. You can find out about their qualifications, professional affiliations and educational background by asking them to present proof of license. A qualified Colorado Springs electrical contractor will have all the necessary certifications and training which are important for their work. A professional who has established a good name in this industry, can be relied upon to provide quality services.

Licensing: Electricians are licensed professional workers who must hold a valid license from Colorado State licensing board . It is illegal to perform electrical work without being properly certified.

Rates: You can find reliable Colorado Springs electrician contractors by searching on the internet or asking recommendations from family and friends. Do not choose an electrician based only on their low rate quotes, low-quality service providers generally offer very low rates to attract their clients. You can look for electricians who offer reasonable rates and charge you based on the size of your home and the type of repair work needed.

Our team of Local Electricians meet all of these standards! We want to be the best electricians in Colorado Springs!

There are many different reasons to contact an electrician. Electrical problems, such as the lights not turning on, can come up and if that happens to you then it is time to call one! Another reason to contact a professional is if you want to upgrade or update your electrical system! We even offer EV Charging stations as well!