Upgrades & Control Panels

Ready to Upgrade Your Life?

Electrical technologies have really came along way in the last few years. From LED lighting and USB outlets to WiFi Smart Home solutions and energy saving upgrades, the options for your home or business are better than ever.

Updated homes are a beautiful addition to any neighborhood. You can help your home receive a facelift by updating its electrical system. Swartz Electric in Colorado Springs, CO offer several upgrades that will improve electrical features within your home, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of modern technology. Home owners can choose from an array of options when they want to upgrade their homes. New lighting and modern electronics are just two of the many things that homeowners might add to their residences. Electricians also help home owners with safety features.

Our Electricians in Colorado Springs are ready to help any homeowner with electrical work needed to upgrade their homes.

If you are building a new home or remodeling, Swartz Electric can help with choosing and installing the best options for your energy needs.

Upgrade Solutions

  • LED Lighting
  • Smart Home Options
  • Video, Audio, & Data Upgrades
  • Upgraded Outlets, Switches, & Fictures
  • Energy Saving Solutions
Swartz Electric Colorado Springs Electrician

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