Simple Lighting Tips For Homes

By Dave Donahue

Living Room Lighting
Living Room Lighting


Deciding exactly what type of lighting is best for your home can become confusing. These simple tips are designed to help you, the homeowner make some easy decisions when it comes to  lighting  your home.  Did you know that the lights you use play a much more important role than just providing illumination for your residence?  Distinctive lighting can create a desirable mood in each of your rooms!  Unfortunately, many of us have no clue what lighting works best in what room.

To begin with, let’s start with your living room.   This space is what people will most likely see  when they first enter your home.  First impressions can be long lasting and your living room lighting easily reflects your lifestyle and tastes.  There are fortunately some very popular types of lights designed specifically for the busiest room in the home.  Ceiling lights can be an effective and inexpensive way of providing light in your living room.  They are easily installed and usually are a hanging or ceiling mounted fixture.  These lights are mounted to a junction box and controlled by a switch which may have dimming capabilities.  These types of lights are common in many residences.

Ceiling Light
Ceiling Light

Recessed lighting or (can lights) can also make a huge difference when it comes to providing lighting that makes a powerful statement!  Recessed lights are relatively inexpensive and although they can be a bit difficult to install,  can create a fantastic effect.  This type of fixture is common in high ceilings as well as bathrooms.  Bathroom lighting although usually not in plain view, can also be quite appealing. Lights in bathrooms are commonly recessed lighting in newer homes however older homes may have a standard light fixture located over the sink.  These types of fixtures can easily be replaced with more modern versions of lights specifically designed for bathrooms.  Bathroom sconces can bring out the “warmth” in any bathroom.   These are relatively inexpensive as well and can be installed by your local electrician.  Swartz Electric, a leader in installing lighting  for your home can give you some great ideas for your lighting as well as provide a top notch installation!

Recessed Lighting
Recessed Lighting

.     Traditionally the bedroom may have a standard light fixture or a lamp on the night table.  Today however, we see lighting in bedrooms that creates an unbelievably beautiful atmosphere in the simplest of rooms.  Wall sconces create a sense of warmth and comfort and are very appealing.  Creative lighting can also bring the value of your property up! Lighting in bedrooms is typically a softer light and LED lights are very common in these rooms. An optimum LED light bulb is 2,500 to 4,000 Kelvin. Check out this article on some great ideas on creating some cool light in your bedroom!  When your ready to get some great lighting burning in your home be sure to contact Swartz Electric to get your fixtures installed right the first time!

As always when considering replacing or installing new lighting fixtures or any electrical device, hire a qualified electrician!  For DIY projects remember to always turn off all power connected to any device being serviced or installed.  Safety should always be the number one priority when working with any electrical power.  For questions concerning safety and electrical awareness contact Greg Swartz at Swartz Electric or any of his qualified electricians!

This article only touches the surface of the amazing things you can do when it comes to lighting up your home.  Proper lighting can be installed inexpensively and can also create a sense of well being and comfort.  To seek out more great lighting ideas for your home contact Swartz Electric. You will find yourself pleasantly surprised!

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