Simple Steps For Installing A Ceiling Fan

Simple Steps For Installing A Ceiling Fan

By Dave Donahue

Ceiling fan with light
Ceiling fan with light

Ceiling fans are relatively easy to install if you have an existing fan you are replacing. This blog will cover step by step instructions to completing a ceiling fan installation. Before beginning your ceiling fan installation, always check to ensure you have adequate safety protection and follow your manufacturer’s recommendations for a safe install.

1) Before starting your new ceiling fan installation check to make sure you have all the necessary tools to complete the job. You will needs a 3/16 screwdriver, electrical tester, electrician pliers, electrical strippers, ladder and a hammer. These are the basic tools needed to install a new ceiling fan however you may need other equipment to perform the task.

2) Turn off all power leading to the existing junction box located in the ceiling. This junction box may be supported on a beam to support the weight of the fan or with ceiling fan brackets. Locate the box and disconnect the existing wires from the fan you are about to replace. As with any DIY project use caution and contact Swartz Electric for help with a proper installation. Swartz Electric, a Colorado based electrical company remains the leading electrical company in all of Southern Colorado!

3) If you do not have a junction box already installed, locate the center of your room. This can easily be accomplished by snapping a line or simply measuring the location with a tape measure. The junction box should be installed to a supporting bracket or joist in the ceiling. Make sure the hole you cut is large enough to install the box. Keep in mind this box will be supporting a weight of up to thirty five pounds.

4) Assemble your new ceiling fan. You will need to follow the recommendations for a proper installation from the ceiling manufacturers guidelines. Make sure you install the fan blades before attempting to set the ceiling fan!

5) Install the swag kit that comes with the ceiling fan. This is the wiring that leads down to the light switch. Wire up the fan properly, black to black, white to white and finally bond the green grounding screw to the junction box.

6) If your new fan wobbles and is unbalanced, switch the fan blades. If the problem still exist, the weight of the fans may be the root of the problem. Weigh the blades and place a piece of putty or model clay on top of the blade until all blades weigh the same.

7) This is a basic step by step installation process to installing a ceiling fan. You will need to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when installing. Installing a ceiling fan is basically fairly simple yet different fans will require different approaches. Swartz Electric can help you with your fan installation as well as offer you troubleshooting tips. Contact Swartz Electric today for all of your DIY projects!

8) Proper installation of a ceiling fan depends on your ability to follow the correct procedures required for a proper installation. Failure to do so may result in a faulty install which could result in injury. Always wear safety glasses, use proper tools and work safely! As with any DIY project involving electricity consult an electrician if you are not comfortable working around it.

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