Summer Electrical Safety Tips

Summer Electrical Safety Tips

June 2013

By Dave H Donahue

Lighting Storm In Summer
Lightning Storm In Summer

It’s summer again and it’s time to go over some safety tips to keep you and your family safe. Electricity as you know is a resource many of us take for granted. During the summer months it’s important to check that AC and make sure everything is working as well as can be. It is also the time of year when accidents occur due to electricity. Electrical storms are frequent in many parts of the country especially during the hot summer months.

Would you know what to do of you were caught in an electrical storm? This is the topic of this blog although there are also other things that require attention during the summer months. Electrical storms are a deadly force of nature and following some simple common sense rules may help you make a quick and informed decision in the event you are caught in a summer lighting storm.  As always, for tips and suggestions to cut your electricity bill and keep you safe during the summer months, contact Swartz Electric for all of you home improvement electrical questions. Swartz Electric remains the number one rated electrical company in Southern Colorado.  Here are five simple tips to keep you safe in the event of a lighting storm.

1) Never stand, wade or try and hide in water during a lighting storm! Lighting storms can hit without warning. Would you be informed as the best precaution to take if one hit while you were swimming? The best advice I can give here is to swim where a lifeguard is present, especially during summer months. Typically the first sign of lightning or rain, pools will be evacuated. If you are on a boat on a lake, it’s best to get out at the first sign of storm clouds. Also before embarking on any outdoor activity check the weather updates or dopplar radar information. Know before you go!

2) Never try and move a fallen power line. This was a previous blog topic but can never be stressed enough. Never move a downed power line or try and move a person who has been injured by a fallen power line. Always call  the power company if you see a disabled power line in your area or while driving. Never, ever try and move a power line yourself! Unfortunately deaths occur frequently during the summer months due to carelessness around power lines. Always use common sense. If someone is injured call 911 immediately, never try and solve the problem yourself. Trained professionals are on call to handle these emergency situations.

3) In the event you are caught in a summer lighting storm, remove all metal objects from your pockets, take cover in a brick or wood structure and stay away from windows and doors. Try not to take cover in metal buildings such as outhouses, storage bins,etc. Electricity seeks the quickest path to ground so it loves anything metal. Stay away and do not touch metal such as gates, fences or even metal benches. All of these are conductors of electricity. Try and find a shelter that is solid and made of wood or brick.

4) Stay off and turn off devices like computers, phones and other electrical appliances in your home. Also stay away from any pipes which carry water. These too can carry electrical current and have the capacity to cause serious injury or death. The best course of action if you are inside is to simply wait it out. Stay off or “unplug” until the storm passes. This will keep you safe until the green light is given.

5) Create a lighting storm disaster plan! This may seem a bit over the top, but would you know what to do if disaster struck your home or close to it? Connect with neighbors, fire and police to create a plan of action in the event of a serious life threatening storm. Use common sense and consider taking a safety awareness class. Plan an escape route in the event of fire or flood. These are some simple things you can write up and place in a safe place or even on your refrigerator.

These five tips are only the tip of the ice-burg when it comes to keeping you and your family safe during the summer. For more electrical tips on how you can become more informed and prepared in the event of a summer storm, contact Swartz Electric. Swartz Electric has been a leader in quality installations whether it be air conditioning installs or installing a full panel upgrade. When it comes to summer electrical tips and quality installations look to Swartz for a job done right!

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