The 2016 Summer of Storms – Colorado Springs Lightning

September 2, 2016

The 2016 Summer of Storms

Lightning, Flooding and Hail – Oh My!

Electrical Storms of 2016

This summer has definitely been the summer of storms.  As if the political environment and water fiascoes weren’t enough, mother nature herself decided to throw the book at us.  Most summers have challenges here in the Pikes Peak Region – if it isn’t forest fires then it’s a drought, in addition to flash flooding.  In 2014, Colorado was even struggling with a State of Tumbleweed Emergency.  It is a blessing to live here but it definitely comes with its’ own types of challenges!

What does this mean for our area homeowners?  Let’s be honest – it adds up to some hefty repair expenses and intimidating insurance claims.  In addition, it means homeowners have to be attentive to small details – anything from a cracked foundation to a collapsed or clogged chimney flue.  During the summer, our season of fun, it is easy to let the small things slide by – of course this is a rare luxury and later on will lead to larger problems.  In fact, we encourage our customers to be proactive in predicting and preventing future problems for this very reason.

Colorado Springs Summer of Storms, Lightning Storms

When Lightning Attacks!

Until now, the end of July is always the worst season for our electrical storms.  This year was sadly not an exception to this either.  A series of extremely severe lightning storms seemed to attack us over the end of July and the entire month of August.  A lot of customers have been hit by direct strikes, severe flooding, and miscellaneous other problems due to these circumstances.  We are still dealing with appointments for insurance claims, inspections, and repairs just to restore functionality.  When electricity and water mix is definitely the place where we want to be as safe and careful as possible.  Here we are starting off September and there hasn’t been a lot of relief from the powerful, dangerous storms yet!

Larry Marr - Lighting Over Drake Plant, Downtown Colorado Springs
Larry Marr – Lighting Over Drake Plant, Downtown Colorado Springs

How Can You Protect Yourself?

Ok – so lightning is super dangerous.  Mother nature likes to show us her sweet side with balmy, idyllic Indian Summer days and then hit us with her bipolar side once the sun goes down – got it.  Savage summer storms the likes of which we haven’t seen in years are ravaging the region.   Now what?  How do we recover from major electrical storms?  Better yet – how do we protect ourselves from them entirely?

Lies We Tell Ourselves About Lightning Pt 1

Lies We Tell Ourselves About Lightning Pt 2

The truth is that we can’t.  There is not, technically speaking, a way to guarantee ourselves protection from lightning damage.  Lightning, by its very nature, is a massively overwhelming electrical discharge that can overwhelm every obstacle we throw in its way.  On the way to its destination, it can destroy, decimate, rend, kill, and set fire to an unlimited quantity of things.  The good news is that we can do things to encourage lightning to go elsewhere, and install items between lightning and our cherished electronics.  These installations act as sacrificial lambs – giving up the ghost to stop power surges before they can do permanent damage.

Remember – your surge protection system should have multiple steps and devices in order to ensure you have the maximum coverage and protection possible.  As a matter of fact, tune in next post as we explore the elements of a well-designed surge protection system!


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