Ten Electrical Safety Tips For Homeowners

Ten Electrical Safety Tips For Homeowners.

By Dave Donahue
Electrical Power

April 2013

Most of us know the dangers of electricity. However the more we use electricity, the more apt we are to take it for granted. In the end due to carelessness or not being mind full, accidents occur. These accidents are nine times out of ten, preventable. Here are ten tips designed to help homeowners become more aware when utilizing the electricity in their home.

1) Before beginning any work that requires using electricity always check the tools you are using. Begin by inspecting the electrical cord. Check for frays in the wiring and cracked or peeled insulation. Ensure that the device you are using is properly grounded and connected to the correct power source. A 120V power source is intended for just that, 120V! Keep your tools clean and lubricated. This will not only keep your tool working optimally, but it will also ensure your safety when using it.

2) Check your lighting! If your lights flicker or turn off and then on for some unknown reason, don’t believe your home is haunted! This is a sign of loose wire connections either at the light itself, the switch or at the home panel. It may also be a sign of a broken wire. Ensure your lighting terminations are tight, properly grounded and that the switches which control the lights are connected and seated properly in the recessed handy box. Make sure your terminal connections are not touching any bare metal.

3) Keep your power strips loaded properly! Overloaded power strips are a major cause of electrical accidents yearly. They can also be extremely hazardous! Power strips, although useful are often used irresponsibly. It is not uncommon to see households which have power strips used to energize a whole houseful of appliances. Household power strips should be loaded only up to the manufacturers recommendations! Check with Swartz Electric if you are in question of the power consumption of your electrical power strips.

4) Never move a fallen power line yourself! Power lines occasionally fall due to impact with a fallen tree, wind or other natural causes. One too many homeowners have tried to move these lines resulting in serious injury or death. Power lines although fallen may still be energized. Never, ever, try and move or repair a fallen power line! Call a qualified electrician or your power company if you see a fallen electrical power line in your area.

5) Use caution when trying to fix any home appliance, ie toasters, microwaves. Again, preventable accidents occur much too often by people attempting to repair a toaster or some other household appliance with a knife. Call a qualified electrician at Swartz Electric if your appliances are not working properly. Usually this is an easy fix but the proper knowledge is required to repair the device safely and effectively.

6) Never mow grass or use outside tools while barefoot! This should be obvious, however accidents occur often by careless homeowners trying to get the job finished quick. Mowing a yard barefoot can be a costly mistake, resulting in serious injury to feet and loss of toes. Wear proper shoes when working in your yard whether you are mowing your grass or gardening.

7) Older homes need inspections! If your home is forty years old or more, it may be time to get it inspected. As homes age, foundations can crack, electrical panels can become outdated and wiring can crack and become brittle. A home inspection can save money and inform you, the homeowner of needed repairs. Your home is a lifetime investment! An inspection gives you the information you need to make informed decisions! Contact Swartz Electric if you are in need of an inspection for your older home.

8) Check your outlets periodically! Outlets should be checked often. Overloaded wall outlets are a major cause of fire in homes. Electrical outlets are designed for a certain amount of power consumption. Unfortunately outlets are often overloaded, connected to power strips and are fire hazards! Space heaters connected to a 120v outlet is also a major cause of fires in homes. Outlets should only be loaded accordingly to their maximum allowed power consumption. A standard outlet should only power two 120v devices. If you are in question of the power consumption of your electrical outlets, contact Swartz Electric.

9) Routinely check all of your appliances! A major cause of fires and death result from people trying to solve their own electrical issues. Shoddy quick fix work on electrical outlets and lighting circuits can cause a myriad of problems resulting in overloaded circuits and improperly wired electrical devices. Check your appliances periodically and your electrical plugs and lights. If you are not a trained electrician an/or are uncertain if your electrical system is safe, contact a qualified electrician at Swartz Electric.

10) Finally, consider taking a home improvement course with a focus on electrical safety. Check out this link for safety and home improvement tips that can and will help you make informed decisions when it comes to DIY electrical projects. <a href=””>


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