Ten Safety Tips For DIY Electrical Projects

Ten Safety Tips For DIY Electrical Projects
By Dave Donahue

Electrical Material Used on DIY Projects
Electrical Material Used on DIY Projects

Ok, I know that in past blogs I’ve stressed on the importance of being safe when working on your electrical do it yourself projects. Electrical safety should always be evaluated BEFORE starting any electrical work. There are a multitude of things that can go wrong on even the simplest of jobs. So, here again I will post more electrical safety tips for those who are considering starting that new electrical gig on your home.

1) When starting any new project, always shut off the power source that could interfere with your work. This can be tricky. Most projects we start need power to run our tools. On electrical projects cordless drills are frequently used however, in some cases power tools are needed. To work safely and effectively on these projects, always shut off any power running to circuits you are working on. If needed tape off the breaker with electrical tape to prevent any accidental flipping of the breaker by someone who isn’t aware of the work being performed.

2) Always wear eye protection! This is another safety tip often ignored by DIY project enthusiast. Eye protection is a must especially when working with or around electricity. Wear ANSI certified and OSHA approved eye wear to safely and effectively complete your projects.

3) Inspect your tools before beginning any work! Again this can not be stressed enough. Frayed wires and defective tools are a sure fire way to turn your project into a disaster! Check your tools before each use for damage. This is the only way to begin your work safely!

4) Consider taking an electrical safety class before beginning any electrical projects. Although this is not mandatory, electrical safety classes can help you to become more aware when you are actually working. Working safely on your electrical projects ultimately depends on you however a safety class can help threefold.

5) Work with someone else on your projects. While this may not always be possible, it is recommended to have a partner to help complete projects. Using a helper on your work can quite possibly safe your life in the event of an accident. A partner can help make your job move quicker, easier and safer!

6) Make a list of all electrical supplies you will need to complete your project! This may not seem to be a safety concern but by using the correct material your project will move along safely and effectively. Using the right type of wire, breakers, etc for the job will save you time, headaches and money! The end result will also be more rewarding!

7) Never start a project without knowing the hazards which may exist! Hazards exist on all electrical projects, this is a known fact. Fortunately by making the right choices on your projects with proper protection and using the right tools you are ensuring your safety and awareness. Electricity can kill in even the most miniscule amounts. It can injure without warning, you can’t see it, smell it or taste it. Keep yourself educated on Osha requirements and install procedures when considering an electrical DIY project. If your in question as to whether you are working safely contact Swartz Electric, a leading Southern Colorado Electrical Company!

8) Lastly, never start a project unless you know what you are doing! All too often homeowners and other unprepared workers are injured and even killed on jobs due to lack of awareness or from other workers carelessness. DIY projects are no different! If you are unskilled or question your ability to work safely on a project, hire someone to do it! This can be a difficult decision however, it needs to be considered. Swartz Electric has fully trained and licensed electricians who can take the guess work out of your DIY projects. If you need answers to your electrical questions or help with a DIY electrical job, call Swartz Electric, Southern Colorado’s leading electrical company!

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