Thank You, Angie’s List Customers!

February 20, 2015

Coming up next month, Swartz Electric will be celebrating our ninth birthday!  (The date is March 16th, in case you wanted to get us something nice.  Just teasing!)


As we’ve mentioned before, we have been blessed by awards and recognition from customers and service companies alike – all of which has been a moving token of appreciation for the work we go through to offer our customers the best of everything, in all things.  We can never stop feeling grateful enough, and every day we feel blessed to be able to serve and be recognized by our customers.


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From the bottom of all of our hearts, thank you, to each and every one of you.



In even more good news, we’ve gotten a wonderful present from our customers – and the staff over at Angie’s List!


Our second Super Service Award!


Colorado Springs Highest Rated Electrician


You heard right – Angie’s List customers love us!!!  Which works well, since we love Angie’s List customers, too!


We published a brief press release on it here.


Thank you, Angie’s List and Colorado Springs, for thinking we’re super!


We think you’re super, too!  We appreciate our customers – their graciousness in sharing the service we provide, the experience they have with us, and most of all for appreciating us.

Thank you.



Colorado Springs Highest Rated Electrician

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