What To Do When A Power Line Falls

What To Do When A Power Line Falls

By Dave Donahue

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It’s that time again, the summer months. However in some parts of the country it’s a time when the winds whip up and the rain still falls. Now is  when power lines will fall in the most unsuspecting ways and places. Naturally people will want to solve the problem on their own, especially if their own power has gone out. Unfortunately deaths occur frequently when a power line falls. Deaths that too often could of been prevented. Would you know what or what not to do if a power line falls near your home or in front of your vehicle? Hopefully it will never happen but if it does, these tips may very well help you.

1) The first rule of thumb when dealing with any type of power line, fallen or not is to always be aware of the hazards that exists. Power lines are not to be messed with regardless of how safe you may think you are. Only qualified electricians and line men are qualified to work on these lines. Always use precaution when working around them if you are doing jobs like tree cutting, scaffolding work, etc. People often come in contact with energized lines unknowingly and the result is more often than not death. Therefore, always be safety conscious when working near any power lines.

2) Never touch a fallen power line! This should be an obvious answer to an easy question. Again, every year many people die when they come in contact with fallen power lines. A fallen or broken power line is still live. The current being carried by the line does not stop just because the line breaks. If you see a fallen power line, contact your local power company. They will know what to do. Just don’t touch it or try and move or repair it yourself! Contact your Southern Colorado Electrical company for more tips on power line safety. Swartz Electric, a leading electrical company can answer many of your questions on electrical safety.

3) Stay in your vehicle if a power line falls in front of it! This is very important. Even if electricity from a fallen power line comes in contact with your vehicle you will be safe inside. Electricity as you may know always tries to find the quickest way to ground. This is why electrical devices like panels, receptacles, etc. are required to be grounded. Your tires vehicle will prevent the electricity from becoming grounded through the vehicle. Call 911 or other emergency services and wait for them to arrive. Never get out of the vehicle unless your life is in immediate danger of fire or other life threatening situations.

4) Always look up and around when working around power lines. Scaffolds often come in contact with electrical lines and the results are devastating! Check your surroundings when working on elevated areas. This means, when working around gutters, high windows, etc, always check for the presence of overhead power lines. Your tools and methods of reaching heights to work should be maintained safely. Take a class on electrical safety or scaffold safety. These classes and the knowledge learned may save your life one day!

5) Don’t try and be the hero! This last tip is seriously just common sense. I say this seriously though. It may be surprising for you to know that fallen power lines are often dealt with through emotion when people encounter them unknowingly. They may take a branch or a pipe or even a crowbar from their vehicle to move it. This will result in death or serious injury no questions asked. By trying to save the day moving an electrical power line or trying to repair it, you may very well see this as being your last day. Use common sense. Don’t be a hero.

These tips are common sense tips to approaching fallen power lines. These tips also apply to power lines in general. Far too many accidents occur each year due to carelessness when a power line falls. Always contact the power company if a line falls in your yard or close to your vicinity. It just makes sense. If you are in immediate danger call 911. Swartz Electric is the leading electrical company in Southern Colorado with an A plus Better Business Rating. Let Swartz help you with all your electrical installs and safety tips on power line safety. You’ll be glad you did!

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