What To Do When That Electrical Panel Ages

April 2, 2013

What To Do When Your Electrical Panel Ages
By Dave Donahue

Panel Installation
Panel Installation

It’s a fact of life. Everything ages! Our bodies, our tools and our homes. Did you know that electrical fires are some of the deadliest fires there are? If you have an outdated panel in your older home, it may very well be time to replace it! Unfortunately, fires are too often cause by a short circuit or faulty wiring from older panels which should have been updated years ago.

Does your older home have any of these electrical panels? Federal Pacific or Zinsco? These panels are known to have certain flaws in their construction and could potentially be a fire hazard. For older homes built prior to 1980, millions of electrical panels were installed in homes across the United States. Unfortunately these panels were found to be defective and did not conform to UL requirements.

As of today, there are millions of homes across America with old outdated electrical panels. These panels could very well be ticking time bombs. While this is disheartening, fortunately there is something you can do. Replace your outdated panel! Electrical panels as well as older wiring can unfortunately become a serious issues. Older wiring such as knob and tube or canvas types of sheathing can present a multitude of issues in older homes as well. Problems such as short circuiting, breaks in the wire and torn or crumbling sheathing which protects the wire from damage are all possible fire hazards. For an in depth look at hazards associated with Federal Pacific see here

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An outdated panel can be frustrating and unpredictable however, all is not lost. A top notch company will have the necessary resources to install a quality product that will last a lifetime. Swartz Electric has been serving Colorado residents for years and knows how to get the job finished, no matter how big or small! Any work performed by Swartz Electric is guaranteed for two years. This company, an insured professional business, has 24 hour emergency services available. To see how Swartz Electric can help you with your outdated panel issues visit http://SwartzElectric.biz/


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