How To Install An Electrical Junction Box

How To Install An Electrical Junction Box

By Dave Donahue

Residential Junction Box
Residential Junction Box

   If you have ever installed an electrical outlet you may be aware that a junction box is what holds it in place.  For homeowners wanting to install a new receptacle in a different location then, you may need to install a new junction box.  Installing a junction box is relatively easy and the best part of all is this is a pretty inexpensive project.  In single family dwellings receptacle junction boxes are made plastic and can be picked up at any home improvement store.  Here are the steps to installing a junction box in your home.

 1) Your first step to install a junction box is to locate where your box will go.  For this blog we will consider you are installing a single receptacle in a bed room.  This receptacle will be the end of the line and you are jumping from the previous outlet to this receptacle.  While height requirements vary if there is any at all, typically receptacles are placed between fifteen to forty eight inches from the ground.  The top of your junction box for this blog will be set at fifteen inches.

 2)Your next step will be to cut out the hole for the box.  The easiest way to perform this is to basically place the box against the wall and pencil around it.  Once this has been done, cut the template out of the drywall.  Make sure your cut is clean, you don’t need a lot of chipped drywall and visual blemishes once you set your receptacle. Take the time to do it right the first time!

 3) Your next step will be to pull the wire from the last receptacle through the wall to where the new hole is.  Pull this wire through the hole and then through the knockout available in the junction box. This is also an easy process.  Once the wire has been pulled through, you will need to fit the box inside the cutout.  Most plastic junction boxes have wings to help support the box. These wings need to be tightened with a standard phillips screwdriver. Tightening the screws will pull the box tighter against the drywall. It doesn’t need to be overtightened, just enough so it doesn’t move.

4)  Now that your box is installed you now simply need to install the new outlet.  Strip out the wires and connect to the appropriate terminals.

This is a very basic blog explaining how to install a new junction box. While you may be installing a double (duplex) outlet keep in mind most junction boxes installed for receptacles are installed the same way. Be sure to check with any listed requirements before beginning this and any type of electrical DIY project.  Installing a new junction box can be a fun project that even younger people can enjoy doing.  This while one of the basic projects for new electricians is also one that can be consistently perfected. With practice, you will find installing junction boxes can become a fun challenge. A final reminder when doing any electrical install DIY project.  Always use proper eyewear, clothes and shoes to keep you safe! Additionally, if you are in question as to whether or not you can do this project, contact your local Southern Colorado electrician!

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